Some frits are waking up

Sun, 01 Mar 2009 12:54:14 PST
I was surprised yesterday at some potted Frits in the greenhouse which are
emerging, despite being virtually ignored for a year, and pushed aside until
the snow melts enough so that I can run them out to the compost pile. Now,
they are emerging, and have buds.

I am always amazed at how bulbs react around the globe at the same time.

Along with two pots of F. stenanthera emerging with thick buds, there is
also pot of F. raddeana which is now showing two stems.

OF all of the Frits I keep ( which isn't that many!), it's F. sewerzowii.
which performs best in the variable conditions of my cold (and sometimes
hot) greenhouse in Massachusetts.

Matt Mattus
USDA Zone 5b

On 3/1/09 2:26 PM, "Jane McGary" <> wrote:

> Fritillarias here in the cold frame that are in bloom are F.
> raddeana, F. gibbosa, F. stenanthera, F. latifolia, F. armena, F.
> euboeica, and F. striata. I'm very pleased that the measures I went
> to to protect the plants in December, when the temperature dropped to
> 14 F (minus 10 C) were effective. F. striata, from southern
> California, emerges very early and has in the past been damaged,
> though not killed, by cold snaps.
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