Was :Some frits are waking up -now a confession

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 12:23:45 PST
Dear friends,
	The recent notes about awakening frits gives me some guilt.

	Last July I dug a couple clumps of Frit. persica and donated 
a dozen or so bulbs to BX # 177. I also planted some back in their 
original place and elsewhere. I put some odds and ends in a cardboard 
box with barely damp whole sphagnum. And then I forgot about them.

	Come Dec 12 (5 months later !!), I opened the box and found 
the largest bulbs had loss about half their weight (by guess) and 
there was a fist size 'nest' of succulent white roots, a few smaller 
bulb bits and pieces also had grown similarly. Sort of revolted at my 
procrastination, I put 5 'blooming size' and odd lots in a single 5 
gallon nursery pot. Watered well and then I put the pot in my cold 
greenhouse for some protection. Now just 2 1/2 months later I have 
four plants starting to bloom and and a half dozen smaller stems 

	Today at 8 degrees outside, this large pot of rich 
chocolate-purple flowering stems is a nice show. I guess I'll let it 
continue to grow in the pot, put it outdoors when the weather allows 
and when it all goes dormant, unpot and plant the bulbs outside 
somewhere in a more TIMELY manner.

	This is either a very vigorous clone or highly 'forgiving' of 
my abuse or both. The bulbs originally planted outdoors won't show 
for weeks, but I have some confidence that they'll be 'just fine'. I 
am happy that they are alive, surprised they came up so well and 
bloom is fairly normally. I wouldn't expect Frit persica to be suited 
to pot culture.

	I'll get a picture out soon, too. 			Best 
		Jim W.
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