J.E. Shields
Thu, 19 Mar 2009 06:58:08 PDT
Hi all,

We are having a meeting of the Midwest Clivia club at my place on Saturday, 
March 28th, more or less all day, with lunch provided at noon to 1 
PM.  There will be few if any Clivia left in bloom at that time, 
unfortunately, but we will bring seeds and pollen to swap and pictures 
of  our pride and joy plants to show off.

There may be some spring wild flowers in bloom outdoors at that time, and 
my various plantings of Narcissus are coming up and a few are in bloom 
now.  Trillium nivale, the native dwarf, is in bloom right now in my 
woodland garden.  The Galanthus are mostly finished now, but the 
Dodecatheon and Dicentra are coming up.  Trillium recurvatum and T. luteum 
are coming up, but I don't expect either to be in bloom yet by the 28th.

Besides the Clivia, most of my greenhouse bulbs are winter-growing South 
African species.  The Haemanthus bloom August - October.  The Scadoxus 
puniceus are in bloom right now.  The few Nerine sarniensis hybrids bloom 
in ca. Sept, and the N. bowdenii bloom in Nov-Jan.  The Lachenalia are 
almost finished blooming for this year.

Tulbaghia simleri finished blooming last month, but Veltheimia bracteata is 
in bloom just now.  A couple of Zantedeschia aethiopica hybrids have been 
blooming in the greenhouse, but the species aethiopica are semi-dormant in 
winter.  The ZZ. albomaculatum, jucunda, pentlandii, and hybrids are 
totally dormant in winter.

So I'm not sure there is one "best" time for a midwest PBS bulb meeting to 
take place.  If anyone is interested, give me a call or drop me an e-mail 
sometime.  Otherwise, you are welcome on the 28th at the Midwest Clivia 
group (affiliated with the North American Clivia Society).

Best regards,
Jim Shields
in sunny but chilly central Indiana, USA

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