moving the bulb collection

Alberto Castillo
Sun, 31 May 2009 10:39:55 PDT
Hi Pam: 


           In my experience Albuca juncifolia needs lots of sunshine and a very well drained mix and careful waterings. In damper situations the bulbs tended to rot. Our plants are in 5 gallon plastic puckets. They grow from fall to late spring and go dormant for the summer. They flower in spring and seed is easily obtained even if there is a single bulb blooming at a time. Fresh seed as with all Albuca and African Ornthogalums is a full 100% and the seedling are grown tightly close together for the first two seasons. Flowers are to be expected during the third season and on. Our plants of this and many other Cape bulbs and corms are protected from frost and wind. Many Albucas and Ornithogalum from South Africa retain livng roots during dormancy. 


Hope this helps a bit



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