moving the bulb collection

Pamela Slate
Sun, 31 May 2009 10:30:32 PDT
Hi Linda and everyone,
I'm ready to transplant seedlings of R. granatiflora.  A friend is propagation
professional at a wholesale nursery so I divided my seed from the BX between us
to ensure greater germination success and he indeed did have greater success
with his fog house.  We have a number of tiny plants that now need repotting and
have decided the best pot for them is a one his nursery is using for pecan tree
seedlings that have a large tap root.  I believe they are about 18 inches deep
and maybe 4-6 square.  We've decided we can plant them another 4-5 inches deep
where, as Alberto says, they can fatten up instead of working so hard to descend

I've been unpotting and examining BX plants as well and one that has amazed me
is Albuca juncifolia from BX 139 (02.02.07 from Alberto Castillo).  I received
one bulb and it has produced good foliage every year and has never flowered.
This spring, after a late rain, I was sure it had rotted until I dug it up and
found four very large bulbs and a large mass of 3-4 four inch healthy white
roots.  I repotted in a larger pot and watered.  Now what?  If anyone has
experience with growing this bulb I would appreciate any information, including
a flower photo,  you have.  These are very interesting looking bulbs.

Once all my BX buried treasures have been evaluated, I'll send out another mail
to tell about my successes and failures.  Thanks for sharing Linda, - it's
always interesting to know what others are growing.

PS  Thanks to you all who responded to my quest for mesh bulb storage bags - I
got some good leads.

Pamela Slate
P.O. Box 5316
Carefree  AZ  85377

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