fungus cures

Thu, 26 Nov 2009 13:21:01 PST
Thanks Adam

When I throw things out, they really are thrown out.  As I can't burn 
them, they go into the council bin (soil and all!) and the municipal 
waste places.

By the way, the seller did replace the sick bulb, so far the new one is 

As mine are in the ground all year round, I don't lift them so treat 
them in situ.  Hence the query about the cinnamon.


Ina.  From what I hear...  Don't bother.  The Dutch have been sending out
lots of garbage bulbs this year.

I'd consider one of the  over the counter athlete's foot solutions--one of
the azoles, miconazole, tolnaftate, etc as a solution and drench to see if
it acted as a systemic.  Unless you have other systemics available.

Did you burn it or leave it where it could   infect the rest of your garden?

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>I grow Hippeastrums in my garden.  Bought some doubles this spring, one
> of which grew a bright red small shoot.  Was told by the seller that was
> caused by a fungus.  Spraying it with copper would possibly give a
> flower this year.  However, as it was so badly affected I threw it out
> soil and all.
> As most of my garden Hippeastrums are showing at least a bit of the
> fungus infection and I am no fan of spraying, have been looking at

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