fungus cures

Adam Fikso
Thu, 26 Nov 2009 13:08:38 PST
Ina.  From what I hear...  Don't bother.  The Dutch have been sending out 
lots of garbage bulbs this year.

I'd consider one of the  over the counter athlete's foot solutions--one of 
the azoles, miconazole, tolnaftate, etc as a solution and drench to see if 
it acted as a systemic.  Unless you have other systemics available.

Did you burn it or leave it where it could   infect the rest of your garden?

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>I grow Hippeastrums in my garden.  Bought some doubles this spring, one
> of which grew a bright red small shoot.  Was told by the seller that was
> caused by a fungus.  Spraying it with copper would possibly give a
> flower this year.  However, as it was so badly affected I threw it out
> soil and all.
> As most of my garden Hippeastrums are showing at least a bit of the
> fungus infection and I am no fan of spraying, have been looking at

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