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I wouldn't know how to express the  daffodil name as a formal botanical
(albeit nothotaxonomic) taxon correctly.  

It's easy, Jim. If it is truly the species tazetta, then Narcissus tazetta, 
 in italics of course. If it is a named cultivar with tazetta 
characteristics and  therefore classified (and registered as) Division 8 (having the 
characteristics  of the species tazetta), it is simply Narcissus 'Minnow'. 
(genus plus cultivar  name)

If anyone wants to check out the 13 divisions/classifications of  
daffodils, visit _www.daffodilusa.org_ (http://www.daffodilusa.org/) 
If you want to see a remarkable daffodil database, check daffseek.org. I  
believe the number of photographs is now over 20,000!
Bill Lee

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