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Thu, 05 Nov 2009 05:12:04 PST
Thanks for those comments, Bill. Your suggestions are certainly the sensible
solution to the question I seemed to be asking. 


And yes, daffseek is a wonderful resource. 


But so far the comments which  have been posted have sidestepped the real
issue I am raising. 


Often, when primary hybrids are in question (hybrids which involve species
rank taxa), there exist nothotaxa which properly name those taxa. In the
cases where the hybridization is complex and has departed far from the
species level, such nothotaxa become less and less relevant. That is when
one would resort to the naming convention Bill suggested for ‘Minnow’:
Narcissus ‘Minnow’.


Taxa at nothospecies rank in principle name a group of plants, even when
only one example exists at the time of naming. We gardeners on the other
hand work largely with clones.  But one reason I’ve raised these issues is
that many of those who participate on this list grow species and
near-species hybrids, and it is among the near species hybrids that the
question of nothotaxa arises.  


I wonder how many people are wondering why Jim is trying to turn a minnow
into a whale.



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