off-topic: Euonymus, was "Want to trade my non bulb seed pod"

Justin Smith
Sun, 01 Nov 2009 18:48:57 PST

> > Justin mentioned Euonymus americanus.


> It seems that there are many species of Euonymus that have a similar plant disposition, smallish trees or shrubs with attractive hanging "fruits" that often turn a bright red, pink, or orangish color, then open to reveal brilliant red or orange fleshy seeds inside. One of the best and most ornamental is E. sachalinensis, or Siberian Spindle tree, one that I do grow and admire very much, after seeing fantastic specimens of the small trees in espalier form at Case Estates (a now defunct off-shoot of Arnold Arboretum in Massachusetts), to better show off the fantastic late summer fruits.

Hi All,


Ahhh just what I needed, more seeds to locate and grow. Does the anguish of needing more to grow ever end? ahhhhh!!!!!!




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