Raising Nerine from Seed

Nick de Rothschild nick@exbury.co.uk
Mon, 02 Nov 2009 04:22:21 PST
It takes 4-6 years to raise nerine saniensis from seed to flowering. 
Something we do all the time - use our potting mix for best results! (see 
http://www.nerines.com/ and track down growing hints...)

The key is the seeds have to be sown fresh straight after flowering as they 
are programmed to hit the ground running, so to speak, with the root tip 
already starting to grow as soon as the seed pod ripens and splits.

This is because they flower at the beginning of the wet season and need to 
use the rest of the season to get underground and grow roots. Help them do 
this by planting 1/4 inch deep.

The following year they will throw up one tiny leaf, in year 2 two, and so 
on as the bulb builds up.

First find your parent and away you go...

Good luck

Nick de Rothschild

PS for ready grown flowering sized bulbs shipped anywhere PayPal operates 
see our website in June-July for shop! (Ever the salesman me..... ask Jim 
how well the plants he got last year have done)

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> How long does it take to raise Nerine bowdenii from seed to
> blooming?  Nerine sarniensis hybrids?   I've seen it take 9 years for
> bowdenii to get one bulb (out of three) from small seedlings ca 1/2 inch
> diameter to bloom, but I've never grown bowdenii from seed to blooming.
> I've never tried with sarniensis either.  I've grown the dwarf species,
> like angustifolia, filifolia, and filamentosa from seed, and they are
> rather quick -- perhaps 3 years or so.
> Growing bowdenii, huttoniae, krigei, and laticoma from small seedling to
> blooming seems to take an eternity!  Any advice would be appreciated.
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