Cyrtanthus suaveolens

Tue, 17 Nov 2009 20:08:35 PST
Thank you Cameron and Rhoda ... and Mary Sue!
It would appear I do not have C.suaveolens based on your information. although my blooms are the same as those pictured and labelled C.suaveolens at the Telos site.  Have you heard of C.mackenii blooming at multiple intervals throughout the year?  We had a relatively mild winter last year and our summers here in coastal San Diego are always mild.  The plant I have continued to throw up new leaves throughout the year and seems to be producing offsets.  I also watered and fertilized, athough sparingly, through the year.  Perhaps I should let it go nearly completely dry now as winter approaches here in the Northern hemisphere?

here's a link again to the plant I have growing:
San Diego, California

This species is confined to a small area of the Eastern Cape where it is endemic to the Amatola mountains.  It is very particular about flowering time - flowering in late spring (mid-Oct to Mid-Nov in the southern hemisphere)  It has rather distinctive leaves which are dark green with purplish margins and midribs and and the seed capsule when they formed are also tinged with purple.

The flower tubes are much shorter than C mackenii and generally the stems are also much shorter - usually a max of 25cm in the wild.

Cameron and Rhoda McMaster

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