Cyrtanthus suaveolens

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 17 Nov 2009 21:51:02 PST
Hi Ken,

The Cyrtanthus mackenii I grew from seed from Rhoda's friend has a 
long bloom season. I have a few starting to bloom now. I had blooms 
on one pot or another every month from November 2008 until April 
2009. I'm not really sure if the same bulb has put up multiple blooms 
or that different bulbs bloom at different times. My plants which I 
grow in my unheated greenhouse never seem to go dormant so I continue 
to water them. It sounds like you are having success growing them the 
way you have been if they are growing well and blooming frequently.

The Narcissus bulb fly got into my pots in 2007 and took out some of 
the bigger bulbs. By then there were a lot of offsets so I unpotted 
them and gave them all the squeeze test and repotted the ones that 
were firm and disposed of the ones that were squishy. I've had this 
problem with other Cyrtanthus species too.

Mary Sue

Mary Sue Ittner
California's North Coast
Wet mild winters with occasional frost
Dry mild summers 

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