winter care for Polianthes

Dell Sherk
Sun, 18 Oct 2009 16:54:31 PDT
Hi Dennis,

I leave mine in their pots and do not water them through winter in my cool
greenhouse (min 35-40 F). They bloom well until they become crowded, and
need a lot of water in the summer. 

But the best flowering came when I planted them out in the garden, fed and
watered them regularly, and dug them up after a frost, dried them off and
stored them in dry peat moss, and planted them out in early summer. When
they are crowded, they split into pieces that are too small to bloom, so it
is best to keep them in clumps separated from their neighbors by at least a

P. tuberosa has one of my favorite flower fragrances. I grow it for that

Dell, Zone 6

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I bought several Polianthes this season which are growing in pots 
outdoors.  We had our first freeze last night, but they seem to be 
okay.  When I do finally bring them indoors is there any particular care 
they need?  Do I unpot them and store in the cool dry basement?  Do I 
set them on a warm windowsill and continue providing water?

Dennis in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (zone 6)

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