Blooming in Westfield

Jane McGary
Sun, 18 Oct 2009 16:57:06 PDT
Jim SHields wrote,
>the 6 Crocus nudiflorus
>corms I received from Jane in 2004 (Jane, we are going to miss your surplus
>bulbs badly!) are starting to flower, and seem to have increased to 8.  Cr.
>nudiflorus I've had previously never bloomed and eventually disappeared

The same stock is flowering here in both the garden and the bulb 
frame. This is one of the hardier fall-blooming crocuses and probably 
one that is best adapted to summer-rainfall climates. It's welcome 
for its strong violet color.

When you lift this crocus, you will usually find curious cormlets 
with long white "droppers". I don't know whether these are vegetative 
increase or whether they result from seeds in capsules that remain 
buried rather than extending on stems when the seeds are ripe. You 
can plant these little ones out separately and they will bloom in 
another 2 years.

You need not miss the surplus bulbs for too long, because I've been 
sharing my stock with Mark Akimoff of Illahe Nursery in Salem, 
Oregon, who is increasing them for eventual mail-order sale.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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