Lilium nomenclature

David Trout
Fri, 09 Oct 2009 07:57:53 PDT

Iain wrote;For good or ill, my approach for the Monograph will be to stick [a] with the
 Int. Rule of first publication date, due to the increased facility to access
 previously unrecorded publications often because they were not in English
 they have been totally missed however now a great deal of new material is
 becoming better known allowing for a revision which may or may not be 
welcome, people will be free then as now to use names as they feel... 

For me the key phrase in that passage is "free then AS NOW..." It occurs to me that, in the U. S. at least, we are free to call anything anything we want. I received some L. leichtlinii maximowiczii in a bulb swap a couple of years ago, where there were called simply "red tiger". I quite enjoyed the detective work, (made exponentially easier by the internet), involved in figuring out what they are.
 So some of us enjoy gardening more than studying and writing about words and perhaps some enjoy the latter more than the former  I enjoy both but have time only to mostly concentrate on the plants. 
 Iain also referred to "...species such as Lilium wilsonii, etc, amongst Japanese lilies which are nothing more than part of the Lilium x elegans complex, all carefully recorded over many centuries by the Japanese but ignored here in the West." 
I would appreciate knowing the Japanese and other regional names, (and English translations thereof), for the species that grow there. I am sure there is much knowledge being missed due to language differences.
The main thing is to enjoy the amazing lifeforms with which we share the planet. The more we know about them, (up to a point?) the more we can enjoy them.
David Trout
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