Well-drained growing media (was Oh No! A Boophone disaster!)

Allen Repashy allen@repashy.com
Sun, 04 Oct 2009 07:46:11 PDT
I have been growing Boophone and Brunsvigia seedlings.. actually some of 
the same Boophone that Ken is talking about (I got a few of these 
seedlings from him two years ago) in a mixture of 80% Turface MVP, 10% 
Local DG, 10% compost...... It has worked very well for me. I am now 
pushing my luck with some Gethyllis grandiflora in this mix. I spritzed 
the pots through the summer on my winter growers without problems.. 
Turface is a calcined clay product  sold for Infield amendment.


Tom Mitchell wrote:
> There was an interesting article in the most recent issue of The  
> Plantsman (8, 3, p. 189-191) reporting great success growing  
> Fritillaria from seed to maturity, without any repotting, in pure  
> Seramis, a proprietary expanded clay product from Germany. The  
> author, Paul Cumbleton, reported that the medium is apparently NOT  
> successful with winter growing South African bulbs perhaps because,  
> he speculated, the feeding regime is hard to get right. I wonder  
> whether anyone else has tried Seramis or another expanded clay  
> material with genera other than Fritillaria and, if so, with what  
> results?
> On a related point, I wonder if anyone with experience of using it  
> would advise me which grade or particle size of pumice to use for  
> horticultural applications. I've never used it but am keen to  
> experiment with it after reading the recent correspondence on  
> Boophone and other SA Amaryllidaceae.
> Tom, Zone 8 (Boophone seedlings currently doing well in a coir/ 
> perlite mix)
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