Well-drained growing media (was Oh No! A Boophone disaster!)

Tom Mitchell tom@evolution-plants.com
Sun, 04 Oct 2009 02:25:00 PDT
There was an interesting article in the most recent issue of The  
Plantsman (8, 3, p. 189-191) reporting great success growing  
Fritillaria from seed to maturity, without any repotting, in pure  
Seramis, a proprietary expanded clay product from Germany. The  
author, Paul Cumbleton, reported that the medium is apparently NOT  
successful with winter growing South African bulbs perhaps because,  
he speculated, the feeding regime is hard to get right. I wonder  
whether anyone else has tried Seramis or another expanded clay  
material with genera other than Fritillaria and, if so, with what  

On a related point, I wonder if anyone with experience of using it  
would advise me which grade or particle size of pumice to use for  
horticultural applications. I've never used it but am keen to  
experiment with it after reading the recent correspondence on  
Boophone and other SA Amaryllidaceae.

Tom, Zone 8 (Boophone seedlings currently doing well in a coir/ 
perlite mix)

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