What's blooming in Urbana.

gentian21 gentian21@comcast.net
Mon, 26 Oct 2009 22:43:56 PDT
I have my last spike of Rhodophiala blooming.  That has given me almost continuous bloom from last week of August until now.  Not very many since I have only had them for 3-4 years.  Planted in 4 locations and in pots.  They have been reliably evergreen here.  Lots of crocus specious and some c. nudiflorus. I was surprised to see a Cyclamen purpurescens reblooming.  It is by far the best performer here in spite of the soil being continuousy wet all summer except for totally dry in September.  They always seem to bloom in the hottest period of July.  A kahlii ginger still in bloom.  Some daphnes reblooming.  I am already looking forward to the Corydalis bulbosa next spring.  Last year I tucked one in the crack in the driveway and it did great so this summer i filled the entire row with them.  Just the kind of place they like.  Now that I have a car in addition to a truch I will have to park the truck somewhere else for a month.  I am hoping to have luck with Tropaelum tricolor and Boomeria hirtella in the greenhouse.

Frank Cooper
East central Illinois
zone 5b

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