Amaryllis 'Multiflora' breeding questions

Michael Mace
Mon, 26 Oct 2009 22:32:51 PDT
Hi, Jim.

Wow.  Thanks for all the info.  This is an interesting subject, but the
details are pretty overwhelming.

It's nice to hear that someone else has done crosses with B. marginata.

>>similar outcomes in flower size and color to the josephinea cross.

Ah, that would be what we call in California a "bummer."  I keep hoping that
some cross or backcross will give me a truly scarlet flower instead of the
pinks / magentas / cerises.

>>The Hannibal Amarygia's  in my collection usually have 16 flowers in a
ringlet display

That sounds about like mine.  Flower numbers vary from about ten to 20, and
the heads vary from about a 70-degree spread to 360 degrees in a few of
them.  The radialness (?) of the flower head also seems to depend on how
much sun it gets -- if there's strong direct sunlight, the flowers seem to
curve around toward it.

>>the Amaryllis Multiflora name ...can have considerable more flowers (30 to

Wow, I have nothing like that.  So I am probably misusing the name.  Any
suggestions on what I should call these things?  (Maybe just "hybrid
Amaryllis from Les Hannibal").

>>I assume that cultivars of this cross were selected and bred as Amaryllis
Multiflora "Rosea"

I have one from Mr. Hannibal that was labeled Amaryllis "Rosea."
Unfortunately, it has yet to bloom.

>>"huge heads of brilliant cerise pink flowers 30 -40 on 4' stems" 

Impressive, and far larger than mine.  The tallest of mine are about 2.5'
tall when in bloom (under a meter for you metric types).  Some of them get
taller after they've finished blooming -- the stalk elongates as the seeds
are forming.

Thanks again for the information.

San Jose, CA

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