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Paul Licht plicht@berkeley.edu
Wed, 21 Oct 2009 09:36:41 PDT
I haven't been following this database issue closely so excuse me if 
this is redundant. In any case, there is a free PC program from Google 
called Picasa which is fantastic for maintain images. We use it for the 
15gb of files here in the Garden and I couldn't do without it. 

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Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
> Hi,
> Giorgio sent me a copy of the flower data base he created for PCs. 
> For all of you who are thinking about creating a data base for your 
> bulbs or for that matter for your garden and especially for those of 
> you who aren't familiar with data bases and would find the task of 
> creating one a bit daunting, here is your opportunity. He has made a 
> couple of fake entries just so you can see how you might fill in the 
> blanks. The site he posted it on is a free file transfer site where 
> you can quickly download big files that someone else has posted. I've 
> used it before for sharing large files that would take a long time to 
> transfer otherwise. They only keep the files up for a week however, 
> so if you  have a PC and are interested you should act soon and the 
> same when he sends the link to the one for Macs.
> It is very generous of Giorgio to provide this to members of this list.
> Mary Sue
>> the name is    MY FLOWERS.rar
>> Link to file:
>> https://download.yousendit.com/YkxMV284TkxJMHRjR0E…
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