Lilium nomenclature

Jim McKenney
Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:08:45 PDT
David Trout wrote: “I received some L. leichtlinii maximowiczii in a bulb
swap a couple of years ago, where there were called simply "red tiger". I
quite enjoyed the detective work, (made exponentially easier by the
internet), involved in figuring out what they are.”


David, I hope that if you ever decide to distribute those bulbs you will
include their history with the bulbs. There are primary hybrids involving
Lilium leichtlinii which very closely resemble that species. The ones I’m
aware of are older hybrids long out of commerce. 


I would not want the job of saying with certainty that a given lily of
unrecorded provenance which looks like Lilium leichtlinii is in fact that
species.  Oddly, neither the orange-flowered form nor the yellow-flowered
form was ever common in commerce after the Second World War. More recently
the names often appear on lists, but I think circumspection is in order. 



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