Seed, Bulb, Plant Inventory Software

J.E. Shields
Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:49:19 PDT

I have a custom system in Microsoft Access.  Whatever you use, you will 
need a relational database (even if it is not called that).  At the very 
least, you need to move from Excel spreadsheet(s) to a true database program.

I can send you a "template" database, but you will need a copy of MS Access 
to use it.

I've never been happy with systems designed by other people!  I recommend 
using MS Access and learning how to tweak things to suit yourself.

Jim Shields
in Westfield, Indiana

At 11:36 AM 9/17/2009 -0700, you wrote:
>I have been researching software to keep track of my seeds, bulbs and 
>plants not only that I have them, but where they are located in my 
>gardens.  I have looked at Pleasant Lake Software and am trialing it for 
>30 days.  The other software package I looked at was Plantstep, however 
>there focus is mainly on Daylilies.  I am currently keeping track via 
>Excel spreadsheets.
>Does anyone have a software program they are using and like it?
>Dianne Martinelli
>Concord, California
>Zone 9
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