Brunsvigia josephinae

Thu, 17 Sep 2009 14:12:26 PDT
dear dr. licht,

your post brought back memories of visting the berkeley gardens and seeing this plant for the first time.  back then the bulbs were not that big, as i recall.  also, remember seeing the beautiful large african Dioscorea tubers such as elephantipes and another one (maybe rupicola).

btw, please remember to not send back the whole digest to the list when replying.  thank you.

ken, that is just gigantic.  thanks for posting that photo.

tsuh yang

> For those of you in the SF Bay Area that haven't yet seen a
> Brunsvigia 
> josephine in bloom, that a very large one is fully open in
> the Botanical 
> Garden now. These bulbs are larger than footballs. These
> plants are the 
> source of seedlings we offer. Rather than offsets, they
> appear to split 
> in half.
> Paul


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