www.bulbousspecies.eu language problems

Tomas Sandberg to.sa@comhem.se
Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:59:21 PDT

I don't understand what you mean with the language problems, my  
bulbous forum is now in English?
And the dog forum is in Swedish and the first part of the forum is the http://www.bulbousspecies.eu/ 
  all in English.

This probably the only combined dog and bulbous forum in the world, a  
new idea I got and a very easy way to try to start up something new,  
so please explain for me what language problems you have with my  
bulbous forum more specific, and when/if you became a member you have  
to choose your own languageand timezone in your profile the same place  
where you choose your username and password.

But it is possible for me to change everything to a pure bulbous forum  
in English but that will cost me money and for the moment I'm not  
ready to do this, maybe if I got more members and more activity at the  
forum I might do that?

Best regards
Tomas Sandberg

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