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It's not you, its the weather.  Things are progressing remarkably fast this spring, some of my daffodils have scorch marks from yesterday's record 90 degree weather.  Galanthus are finished in my garden along with the crocuses, but the early tulips are out in force.  Things that usually wake up late, like Baptisia arachnifera are already emerging.  A  few things suffered from the December cold with no snow (Dianthus basuticus and Geranium caffrum, both South African species that made it thru last winter in my school garden, are toast right now), but other things did better than normal (not much dieback on Rostincula dependens, which usually dies to the base during our colder winters).  I have noted that we had exactly two consecutive days of frost within a month (only a few degrees each time) a couple of weekends ago, and April 15 is normally our last frost date, and there is nothing remotely near freezing that I see in the 15 day forecast.  I'd estimate our flora is about 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. 
The last two serious storms, one snow and one rain, were also very violent in our area, I have never seen so many trees broken and uprooted along the local highways and in people's yards, ever, in my life.  I posted about what one friend went through in my plant blog , but I have yet to upload the pics I took of all the uprooted, destroyed, and damaged trees along the walking path in the local park along the Bronx River.  Never seen anything like it before.
Weather always changes, but lately it seems more unpredictable and storms are often more violent (probably due to increased energy from anthropogenic warming) than usual.  Last summer was insanely rainy and cool, we probably missed a unique chance to successfully grow Meconopsis last year.  

I'm enjoying our sunny warm spring, but I'm also a little apprehensive about what surprises might come next.  But so far so good!

Ernie DeMarie Z6/7 Tuckahoe NY  Where kniphofias are starting to grow out, forsythias beginning to drop their flowers, and hyacinths, species tulips, and many daffodils are looking good right now. Hepaticas and trilliums also in flower.  Also got one nice bloom on an Iris lazica that was planted last spring.  

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is it me or, what's up with the weather?  i don't think it's normal to see 
earded irises and tulips in bloom at the same time as Galanthus, crocus and 
affodils, is it?

suh yang in NYC

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