David Ehrlich
Thu, 08 Apr 2010 17:42:23 PDT
Well, the weather has been unusual here in central coastal California, but then the weather here frquently is.  The winter was wetter than usual, and the rains continued into early spring -- I blame that on El Niño.  

The only unusual bloom was Iris suaveolens blooming simultaneously with Iris danfordiae.  But, it was just the one flower.  I thought I'd have a disappointing flowering with the suaveolens, but no, after the reticulatas went through their complete cycle -- for a couple of days they were all in bloom together (so pretty!), the suaveolens covered itself in blossoms.  Such a sight -- the plant totally covered with blossoms for a couple of weeks.  It must like rain.

Other than that, the progression of flowers has been more or less typical.  But, I think that the protracted winter may delay the flowering of those plants which wait for real warmth before spurting into blossom.

David E.

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