Amaryllidaceae / Alliaceae

David Fenwick Snr.
Tue, 27 Apr 2010 15:19:37 PDT
>>>>>It's good to see your name on a post again! I would be very interested 
hearing from anyone who knows about the reclassifications that you mention.
Alan Meerow is on this list. Alan, have you any information or references to

Cheers Dell.

From how I understand it; Amaryllidaceae and Agapanthaceae can still be 
treated as  independant families within the order Asparagales; but equally 
all genera contained within the Amaryllidaceae and Agapanthaceae can also be 
placed within the family Alliaceae. I understand that both taxonomies are 

Thus Tulbaghia and Agapanthus, once thought to be as different as chalk and 
cheese and occupying different families, are now both related and can be 
regarded as members of the same somewhat larger family.

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