Amaryllidaceae / Alliaceae

Dell Sherk
Tue, 27 Apr 2010 14:39:45 PDT
Dear David,

It's good to see your name on a post again! I would be very interested in
hearing from anyone who knows about the reclassifications that you mention.
Alan Meerow is on this list. Alan, have you any information or references to

Best regards,

Dell Sherk who tries to grow amaryllids (besides narcissus) in US zone 6/7
with winter protection, as well as cactus and succulents, and gesneriads, to
name just a few.

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Roger said -
>>>>>Someone asked if they attack non-amaryllidaceous plants. I've seen one,

years ago, in a hyacinth bulb, and have read that they will attack other 
if their preferred amaryllidaceae are scarce.

I don't know if the taxonomy of the amaryllidaceae and alliaceae has been 
discussed of late here as I've sadly been ''out of the scene'' a while; but 
I'm hearing that the lilaceae has recently been reclassified and that 
amaryllidaceae have now been placed within alliaceae. Is this the case ?

Does anyone have any details for the re-classification of the lilaceae ?

Best Wishes,

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