Amaryllidaceae / Alliaceae

David Fenwick Snr.
Tue, 27 Apr 2010 14:01:15 PDT
Roger said -
>>>>>Someone asked if they attack non-amaryllidaceous plants. I've seen one, 
years ago, in a hyacinth bulb, and have read that they will attack other 
if their preferred amaryllidaceae are scarce.

I don't know if the taxonomy of the amaryllidaceae and alliaceae has been 
discussed of late here as I've sadly been ''out of the scene'' a while; but 
I'm hearing that the lilaceae has recently been reclassified and that 
amaryllidaceae have now been placed within alliaceae. Is this the case ?

Does anyone have any details for the re-classification of the lilaceae ?

Best Wishes,

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