Flower count - WAS: What makes erythroniums bloom?

Laura & Dave toadlily@olywa.net
Sun, 11 Apr 2010 15:44:22 PDT
Roy Herold wrote:

      >Paige wrote about Erythronium:
            >Has anyone seen more than three flowers on a stem?

  Erythronium helenae has four flowers on a single stem here this year
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  It's nice to hear that E. helenae will have more flowers eventually.  My seedling plants are blooming for the first time, with but a single flower on each.  However, the diminutive, sparkling white flowers are very charming, and well worth the wait since sowing.  

  I also have a number of plants of Erythronium oregonum ssp. leucandrum 
that have 3 and 4 flowers on the more mature ones.  The flowers are 
large (~9 cm) and cream colored.  Here in central Washington (Tumwater), 
we have E. o. ssp. oregonum, which has one or two large (~10 cm) white 

Though still cold, two days of sun have been most welcome.  Some of the 
species tulips have opened fully and reminded me why I grow them.  Yea!!

Dave Brastow (zone 7A)

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