Many more Crocuses on the wiki

Michael Mace
Sun, 11 Apr 2010 18:01:19 PDT
Hi, gang.

Thanks to the generosity of John Lonsdale, the Crocus section on the wiki is
now a lot more complete.  John gave permission to reproduce photos from his
spectacular Edgewood Gardens website
(  John's photos added about 30
more Crocus species to the wiki, building on the Crocus contributions
already made by folks including Tony Goode, Jane McGary, Arnold
Trachtenberg, Mark McDonough, and Mary Sue.  We now have photos of 77 out of
about 90 published species.  We also added additional photos of some species
that were already listed.

Some of my favorites:

--There are a couple of very nice photos of the pale blue C. baytopiorum…

--There's a nice closeup of C. moabaticus, which is one of the
wildest-looking Crocuses I've ever seen…

-- C. fleischeri is a beautiful combination of orange and translucent white…

--There is a cool subspecies of C. reticulatus with dark anthers…

Thanks to Mary Sue and Bob R. for their help with this.


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