Which Amaryllids are self-fertile?

Michael Mace mikemace@att.net
Tue, 17 Aug 2010 22:55:57 PDT
Joshua wrote:

>> I was just curious as to which Amaryllid Species are self fertile?? How
does this technically work??

To make things even more challenging, the late Les Hannibal said the
pollination behavior of Amaryllis belladonna changed depending on the
temperature at the time of pollination.  In hot weather, he said, the plants
tended to set apomictic seeds (clones of the seed parent) no matter where
the pollen came from.  But if pollinated when the temperatures were cool,
the plants would reproduce sexually.

I've never confirmed this myself, and I don't know if it would apply to
other Amaryllids as well.

San Jose, CA

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