Which Amaryllids are self-fertile?

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Wow a pollination strategy that allows for greater genetic diversity when conditions are good and settles for "any port in a storm" when conditions aren't ideal.


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Joshua wrote:
>>> I was just curious as to which Amaryllid Species are self fertile?? 
>does this technically work??
>To make things even more challenging, the late Les Hannibal said the
>pollination behavior of Amaryllis belladonna changed depending on the
>temperature at the time of pollination.  In hot weather, he said, the plants
>tended to set apomictic seeds (clones of the seed parent) no matter where
>the pollen came from.  But if pollinated when the temperatures were cool,
>the plants would reproduce sexually.
>I've never confirmed this myself, and I don't know if it would apply 
>other Amaryllids as well.
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