Shipping Plants "In The Green" Causing Dormancy?

Jacob Knecht
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 20:13:44 PDT

All the bulbs you mentioned are thick-rooted amaryllids that generally
resent disturbance.  If disturbed in active growth it is common for them to
go into early dormancy.  Their first priority will be to settle their roots
into their new medium and this usually delays leaf production.  Some of
these species will wait until next year to reappear.  After watering these
in initially, I would not water them again until either they resume pushing
leaves or until the next growing season for these species has arrived.
Horticulture is a science, but not always an exact one so others may have
different advice for you.  Watering in dormancy is tricky business and I
prefer to play it safe most of the time by not watering.  It is always
easier to apply water than take it away!

Clinanthus variegatus is usually confused with C. incarnata, even on our
wiki.  Regardless of which is which, the one with the wide apple-green
leaves is more or less evergreen and tolerates less cold while the one with
thin slightly glaucous leaves and is more diminutive in every aspect has an
annual dormancy and is hardy outdoors in the SF Bay Area.  If you have the
former, there is no need to worry about dormancy.  In any case just water
your Clinanthus only when approaching dryness.  If leaves do not emerge
after a few weeks then let it go dry for a few months and then 'test the
waters' again.  With the Rauhia and Brunsvigia you should leave them to rest
unless they throw new leaves up.



On 2 August 2010 19:52, Josh Young <> wrote:

> Hi Guys :)
>    I've received a few plants this summer shipped in the green, will this
> cause
> a plant to go dormant?  A few of them arrived with just yellow tips and
> slowly
> the rest of the bulb seems to be going dormant, has anyone else noticed
> this
> happening?  I guess if they're bare root and dark that would throw them
> into
> dormancy!  I'm fairly new to bulbs other than the usual and I'm worried
> that
> they wont come back :(   The ones I have that are yellowing are Brunsvigia
> Grandiflora, Clinanthus Variegatus and Rauhia Decora!  Obviously I've
> re-potted
> them all in very well draining mixes with Crushed Granite, Fir Bark,
> Charcoal,
> Pumice and Promix, it drains very well and I'm using wicks in the bottoms
> of the
> pots to keep them from holding too much water in the bottoms.
> Thanks Guys :)
> Sorry if this question seems really dumb :(  I'm learning!
> Josh
> Anderson IN
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