Shipping Plants "In The Green" Causing Dormancy?

Josh Young
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 19:52:04 PDT
Hi Guys :)

    I've received a few plants this summer shipped in the green, will this cause 
a plant to go dormant?  A few of them arrived with just yellow tips and slowly 
the rest of the bulb seems to be going dormant, has anyone else noticed this 
happening?  I guess if they're bare root and dark that would throw them into 
dormancy!  I'm fairly new to bulbs other than the usual and I'm worried that 
they wont come back :(   The ones I have that are yellowing are Brunsvigia 
Grandiflora, Clinanthus Variegatus and Rauhia Decora!  Obviously I've re-potted 
them all in very well draining mixes with Crushed Granite, Fir Bark, Charcoal, 
Pumice and Promix, it drains very well and I'm using wicks in the bottoms of the 
pots to keep them from holding too much water in the bottoms.

Thanks Guys :)

Sorry if this question seems really dumb :(  I'm learning!

Anderson IN


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