Correcting misspellings on the subject line; was RE: Use of English on PBS (was: Re: PBS responses)

J.E. Shields
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 13:43:27 PDT
Dare I interject a thought myself?  Surely I may!

I like to leave the subject line unchanged so that the entire thread can be 
retraced someday.  Indeed that is such a deeply ingrained habit that I now 
do it without thought.  So I suppose both interpretations are correct.

I guess we should eally correct the subject line while retaining for at 
least a few cycles the old subject line in addition.  What does our arbiter 
of linguistic etiquette say?

Jane, we are quite lucky to have you here, and even luckier in that you 
generally put up with our nattering and give us a sensible answer.


At 12:22 PM 8/26/2010 -0500, Adam wrote:
>Hmmm?  Jane?  Arbitrator?  How about Jim McKenney's query here?  Etiquette?
>There's ambiguity in the nature of the problem.  If it's corrected.. is it 
>still the subject. Disambiguate please --as in a big Wikipedia

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