Lycoris Season continues

James Waddick
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 14:46:40 PDT
Drar Friends,
	How about a bulb topic?

	After extended drought and a 1 inch rainfall, the ground is 
still rock hard and bloom season has been very slow and slight.

	Today I counted 5 stems of L. caldwellii where last year the 
number was closer to 100 stems.

	Some late L. squamigera are still emerging - very piece-meal 
and delayed.

	L. incarnata are just finishing up.

	And various chinensis/longituba hybrids continue.

	The total number of blooming stems is very low-maybe 10 
percent of typical.  We are still very much in need of a good 
penetrating rain fall to produce more late stalks and encourage the 
next and last Lycoris season starring L. radiata.

	Non-Lycoris bloom is very spotty. Lilium seed pods are 
developing. A potted Gloriosa is blooming. This is the first time I 
have grown any of this genus. What a weird and wonderful bloom it is!

	Most of the garden looks to be on '"hold' waiting for 
moisture. Even though days are starting off cooler (60 sF instead of 
70s or 80 F), the temps are still up to 90 F by peak time.

	So what is blooming in other parts of the country? Share you 
garden successes. 		Best	Jim W.
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