Hesperocallis undulata

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Wed, 04 Aug 2010 18:34:51 PDT
Actually, they are found in the lower Mojave desert which gets southern monsoonal moisture in the summer....though it is sporadic and isolated, it can be torrential. So the water cycle could be a quite odd...July and August monsoons, with lighter, moderate (rain shadow effect from the coastal mountains), cold rains from December through, maybe, February.

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Maybe you have the watering schedule backwards.  H. undulata is primarily
native to the Mojave desert.  This desert has a winter rainfall pattern,
with no (or very little) rain during the summer.  Maybe the bulb would do
better if you kept it unwatered in the greenhouse (or living room closet!)
over the summer, and watered it only in winter.
But then again, that may not work either.  I'm just speculating.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA

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> Josh and all,
> I've had one for years.  It makes a leaf or two in some years, nothing at 
> all in most years.  It has never bloomed, and it may well be dead now --
> have not dumped it out in the last several years.
> I grow it (if that's what you want to call storing it in a dry pot for 
> years at a time without visible growth) in a deep pot in nearly pure 
> sand.  It sits outdoors in most summers and gets natural rain.  Some
> it sits inside the greenhouse for the whole year.
> I clearly don't know how to grow it.
> Jim Shields
> in hot, humid, miserable central Indiana
> At 03:36 PM 8/4/2010 -0700Josh wrote:
> >Has anyone been able to keep this plant alive?  It is for sure a very
> >interesting plant with foliage and bloom interest!
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