Resurrection of Western Hills Rare Plant Nursery

Greg Ruckert
Thu, 19 Aug 2010 15:33:31 PDT
What's wrong with these men??

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Subject: [pbs] Resurrection of Western Hills Rare Plant Nursery

> And then there is the (rare, indeed) resurrection of a singular nursery. 
> See here:…
> Superb if the Garden Conservancy gets involved in preserving the garden.
> I had the pleasure of visiting twice, on visits across country from from 
> Connecticut to California. The first time my non-gardening spouse only 
> grumbled a bit. The second time, when I declared my interest in making 
> another visit he looked astonished and said, "But you've been there once 
> already." Still married, one of the plants still alive.
> Judy in sunny and drying up New Jersey.
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