Western Hills Rare Plant Nursery

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 19 Aug 2010 11:30:26 PDT
>And then there is the (rare, indeed) resurrection of a singular nursery.

Dear Judy,
	Thanks for good news.

	I too visited this nursery twice, ages ago. The first visit 
included a memorable tour by the legendary Marshall Olbrich. We 
strolled the entire garden as he pointed out one choice item after 
another. A few years after Marshall passed away I visited while his 
'apprentice' Maggie... was in charge.

	The nursery selection was always amazing, but mostly beyond 
my growing conditions. Still a treasured place to visit.

	So glad it is seeing a revival and possible reentry to the 
nursery world.

	Good luck to  Chris and Tim.		Jim W.

ps Are you mobile these days?
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