Shipping Plants "In The Green" Causing Dormancy?

J.E. Shields
Tue, 03 Aug 2010 05:24:02 PDT
Hi Josh,

First, on this forum, the only dumb questions are the ones we're too shy to 

How bulbs that are in active growth respond to disturbance can vary widely 
depending, as others noted, on species, point in growth cycle when 
disturbed, as well as the length and severity of the stress experienced, to 
name a few.

Once the bulb has been disturbed, "Don't over-water' is the prime 
rule.  Let the bulb tell you what to do.

This said, the best time to repot, unpot, ship, or otherwise mess with a 
bulb is just before it's normal growth time.  Once they decide to come out 
of dormancy, they will push right past some disturbance in their drive to 
resume growth.   That's the best time, in my experience, to repot or ship them.

Have fun!

Jim Shields

At 07:52 PM 8/2/2010 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Guys :)
>     I've received a few plants this summer shipped in the green, will 
> this cause
>a plant to go dormant? .......
>Sorry if this question seems really dumb :(  I'm learning!
>Anderson IN

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