Ants and some general rambling.

Crawford Neil
Tue, 03 Aug 2010 00:02:34 PDT
Just a note in favour of ants. They are really good at spreading Hepatica nobilis, and I suspect 
they move around quite a lot of other seeds. Woodpeckers also like them. In a wild garden 
they fill a good function, but perhaps not for everyone. We have a big ant-heap in our woodland
and I can't say I've thought of it as a problem, but I don't like them when they try and invade the house
even I have my limits! The nicest thing to happen in our garden this year is that we got 
Melampyrum nemorosum (Wood Cow-wheat)  going, perhaps the ants will move those aroud too.
On the bulb side, Scilla non-scripta is spreading well, Iris germanica have finally started flowering well,
it's taken them several years. Cypripedium calceolus had a poor year, I might have to move them
On the other hand Cypripedium reginae did well. We have wild Platanthera chlorantha (Butterfly orchid)
that moved in a few years ago, and they started really well, but then a drought period got most of them.
The Lily beetles (Lillioceris lilii) have quietly chewed their way around
our lilies without making a big nuissance, the slugs have been bad, like the roe deer, but nothing terrible happened.
On the whole a good year.
/Neil (rambling from Swedens west coast).   

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