Shipping Plants "In The Green" Causing Dormancy?

bulborum botanicum
Mon, 02 Aug 2010 22:49:11 PDT
The bulbs most of the time go earlier dormant as normal
and even sleeps sometimes more as a year
don't worry and don't over water them
most just re-potted bulbs who die,
die from overwatering


2010/8/3 Josh Young <>

> Hi Guys :)
>    I've received a few plants this summer shipped in the green, will this
> cause
> a plant to go dormant?  A few of them arrived with just yellow tips and
> slowly
> the rest of the bulb seems to be going dormant, has anyone else noticed
> this
> happening?  I guess if they're bare root and dark that would throw them
> into
> dormancy!  I'm fairly new to bulbs other than the usual and I'm worried
> that
> they wont come back :(   The ones I have that are yellowing are Brunsvigia
> Grandiflora, Clinanthus Variegatus and Rauhia Decora!  Obviously I've
> re-potted
> them all in very well draining mixes with Crushed Granite, Fir Bark,
> Charcoal,
> Pumice and Promix, it drains very well and I'm using wicks in the bottoms
> of the
> pots to keep them from holding too much water in the bottoms.
> Thanks Guys :)
> Sorry if this question seems really dumb :(  I'm learning!
> Josh
> Anderson IN
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