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Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Sat, 28 Aug 2010 08:42:48 PDT
Ernie, have you ever used the New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening
(published by Greystone Press in 1960, edited by T.H. Everett)? I lived and
breathed this set for a couple of years back then – it was the first really
good, modern gardening book I knew. It formed the basis of my horticultural


It was there that I learned that Crimum x powellii had successfully been
grown at New York City. It was due to the influence of this set of books
that I planted my first “Cape border” back then. Both Crinum x powellii and
Amaryllis belladonna were some of the plants I used. If your Crinum really
are C. x powellii, you should have no trouble with them if suitably sited
near a wall. 


My Amaryllis belladonna grows in a cold frame placed right against the house
wall. It’s rooted into the ground (i.e. it’s not in a pot). The bulb is near
the surface, partially exposed. It has grown like a weed, but alas no bloom


I think I’ve seen hardiness ratings for Hesperaloë to zone 4 or 5 in the dry


How long have you had Seemannia ‘Evita’ outside?  I’m falling hard for the
borderline hardy gesneriads. 


I like your blog! 


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