Whats blooming in New York :)

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Is your Amaryllis belladonna in a protected spot or does it maintain its undamaged foliage out in the open?  I've seen Hesperaloe in bloom at both Wave Hill and the New York Botanic Garden, both in the Bronx, so it is hardy here.
I've planted some crinums I got off ebay years ago and kept in pots, I suspect they are x powellii, into the slope area of my school garden several weeks ago.  I planted them deeply, up to their "necks" and they seem happy this summer, I am most curious to see if they get thru the winter, and actually bloom (for a change--I assume they didn't like being in not big enough pots). --plus now they are in full sun).
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My plant of Amaryllis belladonna has grown well and formed a clump; it
xperiences no winter foliage damage whatsoever and seems to be thriving.
t's been in place for three and a half years.
But I have yet to see a flower. I just checked the clump carefully and there
s no sign of action.
Other compensations: Iris dichotoma, Scilla/Barnardia japonica (S/B
cilloides), Rhodophiala bifida and Begonia grandis are blooming. 
Also blooming is little Begonia sutherlandii, but for now this one is a pot
lant rather than a garden plant. Habenaria radiata (by whatever name)
loomed beautifully this year. 
There is a nice healthy plant of Hesperaloë parviflora here; I thought it
as big enough to bloom, but so far it has not. Manfreda virginica bloomed
ut did not set seed. 
This one is for your, Dennis: two weeks ago I was out in the country in
estern Virginia where the roadside verges were in places white with the big
lowers of Ipomoea pandurata. This is so pretty that I think we should call
t Girl of the Earth rather than Man of the Earth. I don’t think anyone else
n my gardening circle knows or grows this stunning plant. 
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