Whats blooming in New York :)

Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Sat, 28 Aug 2010 07:25:32 PDT
My plant of Amaryllis belladonna has grown well and formed a clump; it
experiences no winter foliage damage whatsoever and seems to be thriving.
It's been in place for three and a half years.


But I have yet to see a flower. I just checked the clump carefully and there
is no sign of action.


Other compensations: Iris dichotoma, Scilla/Barnardia japonica (S/B
scilloides), Rhodophiala bifida and Begonia grandis are blooming. 


Also blooming is little Begonia sutherlandii, but for now this one is a pot
plant rather than a garden plant. Habenaria radiata (by whatever name)
bloomed beautifully this year. 


There is a nice healthy plant of Hesperaloë parviflora here; I thought it
was big enough to bloom, but so far it has not. Manfreda virginica bloomed
but did not set seed. 


This one is for your, Dennis: two weeks ago I was out in the country in
western Virginia where the roadside verges were in places white with the big
flowers of Ipomoea pandurata. This is so pretty that I think we should call
it Girl of the Earth rather than Man of the Earth. I don’t think anyone else
in my gardening circle knows or grows this stunning plant. 



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