Amaryllis belladonna

Kathleen Sayce
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 18:20:46 PDT
Greetings, all.

Last summer, my Amaryllis belladonna waited until September to flower.
This year, despite the local summer weather being colder than last  
summer, I now have more than 10 flower stalks up, and flowers will be  
along within the week. Very strange, as I expected them to flower  
even later than last year. Also, I have more stalks from each bulb, 2  
or 3 on most. This is perhaps not such a surprise, as the plants had  
a pretty good period during late winter and spring for foliage, after  
being frozen back in December, and the bulbs have been in place for 5  
years, if memory serves.

As for Jane's garden, I vote for ease of care and mixed display. And  
I want to see it as soon as she feels it is ready for viewing.

Pacific NW Coast, zone 8, during a cool foggy summer

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