PBS responses

P. C. Andrews pcamusa@hotmail.com
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 18:53:45 PDT
Jim's list of good email manners for the PBS culture (I deleted them from this message so you will just have to look them up) is a good one.
As an repeating sinner in this regard ( I really do try to remember),  I come from a work culture where it is considered good manners (and actually responsible) to include the preceding thread in email conversations.  Its hard to break these habits when off the reservation.
As an added complication, I have many of my various email addresses (including work) forwarded to my gmail account so I really can't set those preferences to delete the thread.  PBS is to a different account so I guess I don't have an excuse there.
Occasional reminders are always welcome (as is patience)!


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