Hippeastrum x acramannii question

Alani Davis alanidae@gmail.com
Wed, 29 Dec 2010 05:15:51 PST
Hi Angelo
H. x acramannii is an unfamiliar name to me however H. xAckermanii is a
relatively common old hybrid that is still wildly grown in the southeastern
United States and was sold by Plant Delights Nursery. H. xAckermanii is
supposed to be the result of crossing H. aulicum x (H. vittatum x H.
reginae) or H. aulicum X H. xjohnsonii. The flowers are mostly strong red
and have white stripes along the centers plus some white markings near the
tepal bases or the center of the flower. The foliage will remain evergreen
for me year round, however since grown these outdoors, winter freezing
typically eliminates the foliage at some point though it usually reemerges
before the scapes appear in the spring. Here in northern Florida they flower
from mid April to the beginning of May depending on the spring weather. This
plant know as H. xAckermanii here is quite different in appearance from H. x
acramannii and H. aulicum hybrids you have posted photographs of on the PBS
Wiki. Even considering the differences I have seen among plants labeled as
H. xAckermanii here in the United States, I would say you plants are of
quite different heritage.

Alani Davis

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